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You are welcomed on behalf of the staff of systems analysis and logistics Department of Saint-Petersburg SUAI.

System analysis and logistics Department № 16 was opened on April 2, 2007 in Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation.

Vladimir Fetisov, Professor, Doctor of Technical Science, Doctor of Budapest Technical University and Hungary Academy of Sciences, - heads the Department.

Training of specialists in the sphere of system analysis and logistics, optimization of traffic stream and computer – aided management systems’ (CAM systems’) development including such a wide sphere as the computer –aided design is carried out at the Department. Currently, more than 10 qualified lecturers, and 3 professors are carrying out training of specialists at the Department.

We have a range of the up-to-date computerized university laboratories. Besides academic activity, there is opportunity to make a number of essential studies according to diverse technical-scientific programs.

We hope the information about our website will be interesting and useful for you. We are glad to establish new contacts and to invite you for cooperation with us, or if you are a student, you can get higher education by the specialities of our Department!

With the best wishes ,

Department Chairman,

Vladimir Fetisov

Field of study 553000 - System analysis and management

A graduate qualification is a Bachelor of Technique and Technology and the learning time is 4 years. Optionally 2 learning years, and a graduate qualifies as a Master of Technique and Technology.
System analysis and management is the realm of science and technique including body of principles, totality of methods and technology pointed at analysis, development and application of the decision-making complicated system in variety of fields as technological so social and economic. Profession 19070165 Transportation arrangement and control

Field of study 1907062Ф
Transportation arrangement and control
Transportation logistics dataware
Graduate qualification

Transportation arrangement and control engineer (the learning time is 5 years) Transportation arrangement and control is the realm of science and technique called “Transportation logistics” today. Transportation logistics is one of the most qualifications in demand at the labor market of the modern economy.
Goods and service producers, traders and transport workers were always interested in the transportation models, an inventory optimization and the wholesale stores location. Education programs’ orientation on the smart technologies’ conversion ensuring the information exchange among partners in the area of business technologies ranging from the special data logistic Web portals development to a transport, a storehouse, a cargos’ safety and a location condition monitoring systems in global universe is training peculiarity in the course in SUAI.

Profession 230104 – Computer-aided design

Scope of the department graduates’ activities is widely broad: computer automation system (CAS) development in design and production, science, marketing, medicine, jurisprudence and many other areas, legacy systems’ development and management.
Systems engineer graduated from SUAI at the CAS department qualifies profession 230104 (Computer-aided design (manufacturing, engineering)).
First of all, a graduate is expert in the programming in all the kinds of the modern computers. On the other hand, a qualified graduate is good at development and integration of CAS mathematical support, soft-, methodical, ling-, data, org ware modules provided by relevant hardware, and develops, debugs and models available or emerging CAS facilities at customer request.

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